Botanical Infused Wine Spritzers

It’s the dynamic creativity of the Pacific Northwest—and our shared passion for food, wine and entrepreneurship—that inspired us to create an artisan wine spritzer like no other beverage out there.

Portland, Oregon is our home and the birthplace of Blossom Brothers.™

And speaking of out there, folks in the Pacific Northwest can be a bit individualistic and free-spirited, if not downright weird. But, as the “brothers” behind this great brand, we embrace free-thinking and feel the best ideas are always found out there!


our heart


and home


We’re risk-takers, pioneers and iconoclasts.

Aside from our shared passion for wine, we love the challenge of creating something new, because even life’s finest pleasures could use a little enhancement now and then.

We love wines from all over the world (especially wines from the Pacific Northwest), but one cannot live on varietal wines alone. So when we realized there wasn’t a beverage on the market that we craved—something refreshing and different (not just your everyday beer, cider or even bottle of wine)—we decided to make it ourselves.

We started to play around with the idea of a botanical-infused wine spritzer.


one cannot live on varietal wines alone.



it had to taste just as good as the artisan wines we love.

We realized quickly that botanicals work best when they play off the inherent characteristics of the wine—enhancing traits like citrus, stone-fruit or floral notes that already portrayed themselves in the wine. Some flavor combinations worked beautifully; other flavor combinations—even though they sounded good—turned out to be not-so-great. It took months of trial and error to find the sweet spot—not too sweet and not too subtle. And we found that the fizziness lifted all the botanicals and added a refreshing backbone to our spritzer.

And that's how our story began.


It’s the three of us—Cameron, Marc and Shawn—and our families. We each have children and our families are the centerpiece of our lives. For all of us, wine is a vehicle to enhance life’s moments with close friends and family. In fact, Blossom Brothers started as something we wanted to share with our family and friends.