Botanical Infused Wine Spritzers
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We may not be blood brothers, but WE’RE THREE GUYS WHO SHARE A PASSION FOR FOOD, WINE AND craft.

We met in the wine industry, and I guess you could say that we’re wine geeks. Cameron owns a beautiful vineyard and collects wine. Marc knows everything there is to know about global wines. And Shawn simply enjoys drinking really, really good wine.


Cameron Healy

Cameron’s family came to the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Trail. He’s an entrepreneur through and through. Cameron founded Kettle Chips and Kona Brewing Company—so he knows a thing or two about making products that folks love. When he’s not tending to the tomatoes in his Portland garden, you can find Cameron surfing the waves of Kona or off-road racing in Baja.


Marc Cramer

Marc grew up in Boulder, Colorado and Austin, Texas—two places with a lot of similarities to Portland (aside from the weather). Marc is a financial wizard and has led businesses in industries as varied as wine, natural foods, craft beer and bio-fuel. Marc is a recent empty-nester and has been boning up on his wine knowledge through various wine certification courses.


Shawn Bavaresco

Shawn grew up in San Francisco, a place he still loves (but not as much as he loves Portland). Shawn worked in corporate advertising for many years until he was lured—by his heart and soul—to the wine industry. When Shawn isn’t sketching at the kitchen table with his two young kids, you can find him enjoying wine in his backyard with close friends and family.